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Hannah Honored at She Leads Michigan Annual Event

I was blessed to be nominated as an Honoree in the category of Women in Christian Leadership at the She Leads Michigan annual women’s tea! My old boss in Lansing, former State Rep. Nancy Jenkins, nominated me to be included in the most amazing group of women from across the great state of Michiagn. There were women representing military and first responders, family life and welfare, education and community outreach, health and wellness, government and law, and media arts and entertainment!

Christian women’s voices need to be heard NOW MORE THAN EVER!! Two prominent themes throughout the afternoon were racial reconciliation, and declaring God's truth over Michigan. I was so inspired to hear diverse women of faith who were rising up in boldness to proclaim what God is saying over His people, not what the government, and culture is saying! We have the authority to prosper our families and communities through the Word of God, particularly when we find ourselves in direct conflict with governmental edicts, and cultural trends. The women in "She Leads" are powerful, kind, and anointed to move the State of Michigan forward by proclaiming the Gospel, and I am so proud to be included in this impactful group of leaders!

Thank you to State Rep. Bronna Kahle, and Liz Doyle for organizing such a beautiful and Holy Spirit-filled event!

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