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Welcome Baby Finney Loop!

Finney Nash Victor Loop was born on October 10, 2020! While we are two months behind in sharing this announcement, we are no less thrilled about finally having him Earth-side!

His Entrance

From Hannah-

"Pregnancy, labor and delivery proved to be the most painful, beautifully life-changing experience. I endured months of grueling nausea, had a painful slipped disk in my back, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and then finally was on bed rest for the last two weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy was not my favorite! When I finally went into labor, I was told that I could not receive an epidural due to a complication called Thrombocytopenia, aka low platelets. I was terrified of the impending pain! I would never have chosen the more physically painful route for myself, but the Father used it to show me the depths of my strength in Him, as I surrendered control and became truly broken before Him. As many pregnant women can attest, I was counting on an epidural to ease my pain and get me through the toughest parts of labor. When I learned that it wasn't a possibility, I panicked. I prayed and told Holy Spirit that He was going to have to do this with me because I was petrified!!! Jake stared me in the eyes and repeatedly said, "you can do this, we will do this together", as I cried and felt like I couldn't continue. He never left my side, and I never would have endured the pain without his constant calm encouragement and courageous reassurance. The experience showed me that sometimes, we are brought to places where our friends, our husbands, and not even our doctors can remove our suffering! When we come to the end of ourselves, God is there to walk with us through the pain - all I could do was rely on Him alone! He showed me that I was much stronger than I believed, and that He will never leave me in my pain. With God, all pain is redemptive and I have little Finn as a physical reminder of that fact!"

His Name

Finney, or "Finn" for short, is named after two great revivalists Charles Finney and Daniel Nash. Charles Finnney helped spark America's second Great Awakening, a massive revival that we still see the fruit of today. Daniel Nash was the forerunner who visited towns before Finney arrived, and would lay the groundwork in prayer for the message to be received. These two great men lead amazing lives, there's so much more you can read about them. Its no coincidence that Finn was conceived during a global pandemic and born during a time of national unrest. He also came into the world in the middle of us planting the Monroe House of Prayer. His name is a complete reflection of the time he was born into. Hannah added "Victor" to his name after a long and difficult pregnancy and labor because she felt that God's strength had been with her through it all, and that Finn would be a victorious young man - overcoming all things through Jesus Christ!

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