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Jake is passionate about discipleship, preaching, and intercession. He becomes invigorated by empowering others and exhorting the saints, and desires to raise up revivalists who live a life dedicated to prayer!  When he is not overseeing operations at the Monroe House of Prayer, he enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and copping and reselling "hype" sneakers. 

Hannah is a wife, mom, and worshipper. She is passionate about all forms of artistry, particularly dance, and aims to empower artists to release Heaven on Earth by creating a space for them to use their creativity in the church. She also has a gift for administration and oversees many projects, including admin and scheduling responsibilities for the Monroe House of Prayer. When she is not at MHOP,  she enjoys spending time in nature, searching for deals at thrift stores, and listening to good music. 

Together, Jake and Hannah serve as full-time missionaries and the Directors of the Monroe House of Prayer in Monroe, Michigan. They desire to see MHOP become a long-term, sustainable ministry that changes the culture of Monroe, while also marking, training, and releasing the next generation of revivalists into the nations! 


The Back 


Jake and Hannah were raised in Monroe, but moved around the country following their careers. Jake was a high school teacher, and successful poker player. Hannah climbed the ranks in political campaigns, and the Michigan Legislature, most notably working as Mitt Romney's Press and Staff Scheduler on his 2012 Presidential election campaign. The Loops met the world's version of success, but desperately needed a personal encounter with Jesus. After connecting with a group of young worshippers and intercessors through a gathering called "Ember Toledo", they experienced personal revivals and were set ablaze for the Gospel. They felt God calling them to surrender their lives and become local missionaries, bringing the example of Kingdom principles to their hometown. They desire to transform their generation, and their city with the message that Jesus is worthy of laying down your desires, your dreams, and your plans for His.

In 2016, they planted roots back in their hometown of Monroe, Michigan and began building relationships in the local faith-based community.

In 2017, they welcomed their daughter, Liberty "Birdie" Loop into the world! During this time, they hosted monthly prayer and worship gatherings called Ember Monroe, outdoor worship nights in the heart of the city, lead Bible studies, and opened their home to young couples for counseling and discipleship. In 2019, they received the honor of planting the Monroe House of Prayer, and leading a team through the first phase of developing a House of Prayer for their community. You will find the Loops at MHOP for the foreseeable future, as they continue to develop and disciple worship and intercession teams for the purpose of transforming Monroe and the surrounding region for the Kingdom!

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